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Workable City Development is a developer and investor in mixed-use real estate throughout New York City. Our focus is on the adaptive reuse of underutilized assets by converting former schools, storage facilities, manufacturing and vacant properties into residential and commercial uses. WCD’s investment goal is simple: we prioritize integrity above all as the founding tenet of our actions in order to build lasting relationships with investors, sponsors, residents, and the communities in which we develop.

WCD is a long-term, multi-generational holder of its real estate investments.



  • Implement an institutional level of due diligence and risk analysis

  • Value candor with all stakeholders

  • Deliver with speed and thoroughness


  • Prioritize repeat transactions with sellers, tenants, investors and debt providers

  • Integrate the immediate repositioning with a long-term hold strategy

  • Combine best in class consultant, architect, zoning and legal teams


  • Seek investments with deep complexities, industry aversion and/or misinformation  

  • Capitalize on inventive deal structuring and property assemblages

  • Focus on design efficiency and the end-user, the residents and families of NYC